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Rabea Eipperle Photography Born in 1973 in Mutlangen, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Project Description

"BODYWORK", The photography of Rabea Eipperle, at Capri - By Andrew Cannon and Eva Scharrer

Rabea Eipperle makes her art the enjoyment of the body as a focus for communicating a mixture of messages from the surface of the photograph to the viewer. Previous work presented the artist in the (secure) company of body builders (MIT UNS EIN GEFÜHL 2003 ) and in the video DIES SATURNI (2003), playing a woman, unclothed and engaging the spectator in an intricate monologue about the rhythm of the calendar whilst gaining physical stimulation from the historical origins of this subject. Whatever her subject, whatever the scenario, Rabea Eipperle's approach is thoughtfully planned, presented with humour and wit and with a forceful intelligence and a visual choreography that disarms both the performer and viewer in a vulnerable showdown of simple (and entertaining) truthfulness. For Neu Review, curators Andrew Cannon and Eva Scharrer confront Eipperle's recent work UNBEKLEIDET MIT AUTO, on display at Capri, and attempt to "get out of their dreams, and get in front of the cars"...

Publications (Excerpt)

2009, wir. KettlerVerlag, Hrsg. Kulturparlament Soest, ISBN 978-3-941100-43-5
2007, Star, Hrsg. Pollen, Monflanquin
2003, Mit uns ein Gefühl, Hrsg. Goldrausch Künstlerinnnenprojekt, ISBN 3 -937476-04-0
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