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Dillon Marsh Photography Born in 1981 in Cape Town, South Africa. Lives in Cape Town, South Africa.
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Project Description

Landmarks is a selection of photographs from four landscape series that I completed in recent years. In these series I seek to find things that are out of the ordinary, picking them out of the landscape where they might otherwise blend in.

The relationship between humans and the natural environment plays an important role in all these series. However, rather than advocating strong environmental messages, I prefer to show the subtle and curious manner in which this relationship often plays out. In my two more recent series, ‹Limbo› and ‹A Matter Of Course›, socio-political factors also play an important role as I try to offer a new perspective on the complex identity of Cape Town.

Publications (Excerpt)

Square Magazine (Online), 4.1, 2013
Volume (The Netherlands, and USA), #1, 2013
DAMN° Magazine (Belgium), March/April, 2013
SA Architecture Digest (South Africa), March, 2013
Esquire (Russia), February, 2013
Design Times (South Africa), March/April, 2011
Design Indaba (South Africa), Q4, 2008
Design Indaba (South Africa), Q4, 2007

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