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About the Magazine

HotShoe is Europe's leading contemporary photographic magazine showcasing the best of established and up-and-coming photographic talent across a wide range of photographic genres. Its informative and incisive comment is complemented by extensive information on what is happening and what is new in the international world of contemporary photography. HotShoe has established itself as the magazine for top professionals from all fields - documentary, advertising and the arts - and is read by those who commission their work. It is also chosen by students, assistants and others starting out in careers in the photographic industry.
The content of HotShoe reflects the interest of its readership. Portfolios featuring emerging talent sit alongside those of well-known artists and professionals. Equipment reviews and product updates cover the full gamut of traditional and digital technologies; and awards, events, show and book reviews, along with an international listings section that covers photographic exhibitions, keep readers updated and informed as well as inspired.
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