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Ciel variable Photography/Canada/printed matter/EN/FR/quarterly
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About the Magazine

Ciel variable aims to identify and examine leading practices and movements in contemporary artistic photography. The magazine is particularly interested in photographic practices that share the ground with other contemporary art processes, and engage in reflections on the photographic media, its’ position and its’ impact within present-day, global culture. Ciel variable is notable for its publication of large portfolios of works, exceptional print quality and crisp layout. Each issue explores a selection of works pertaining to one thematic viewpoint, offering detailed analyses for each work, and also features news and analysis of exhibits, publications and institutional developments within the realm of contemporary photography. Produced in Montreal, Ciel variable is the only bilingual photography magazine in Canada. Published quarterly and in full colour, Ciel variable prints bilingual essays and exhibition reviews in the author’s preferred language, whether it be English or French.

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